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Welcome to the World of Braille

Posted by neverbored on February 9, 2019 at 5:50 PM

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to join a new team of people who work with children with visual impairment. It has been an absolute honour to meet teachers, braillists alike and especially the children who we support. The world of visual impairment is incredible. There are so many things you would not know about unless you have a mobility teacher or would have the need to be able to read and write this whole new language of Braille. I am in awe of how amazing our children are who we support who are not only learning the curriculum but also learning and applying Braille to everything they do.

With my background in design, my mind was off and running with ideas for products I could design and make to help children and also the QTVI's and braillists who work with the children. Me being one of them, my ideas have benefitted my pupil and myself. So I am launching a new brand to my business, which is going to be Braille Resources. You can find my first product on my store/siop page and read all about it. I am very excited to be able to use my knowledge and experience of teaching and supporting to design products that will enhance the development and learning for people who are learning Braille and the teachers and braillists that are teaching it.

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