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Quotes After learning the pedagogy necessary to teach young students (under the age of five) I was faced with another problem: what do they do with their legs? Children have a natural tendency to swing their legs when their feet can't touch the floor and they tend to slouch when playing the piano. Problem solved! I love this product! When combined with my hydraulic piano bench, this product allows my students to develop proper posture from their first lesson. Quotes
Richard Dillon
Satisfied piano teacher

Quotes " I had often wondered what to do with my younger pupils, when they swing their legs around during their piano lessons, and just don't seem to sit comfortably at the piano because their feet don't touch the ground. I was so excited when I saw the advertisement for Solemate, and knew immediately that it was exactly what I needed to help the children feel secure and grounded. It has already made such a difference to their posture, and in turn, to their technique, and they look natural and comfortable sitting at the piano now. My Solemate looks smart and sits neatly under the piano, and no matter how small the children are, I love how I can use it in three different heights, to suit any child. I have been so excited about this! . Its brilliant! Cheryl Quotes
Cheryl Gordon
Piano Teacher, a Curious Piano Teacher

Quotes 'The SoleMate has worked really well for my students in our two studios at East London Piano School. I have been wanting one since they first came out and finally ordered 2 which I'm delighted with. No more dangling feet of the little ones! And importantly no more bashing the piano with their little feet! It helps with good posture and comfort during piano practice. We also use it with teenagers and occasionally with adults, and it has been fabulous. Helps our studio look more professional and organised as well. Thank you SoleMate and Naomi!' Quotes
Kat Perdikomati

Quotes I love the stool. It makes it much easier for the children to sit properly to play. Thank you. Quotes
A. Davies
Happy mam